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Service Times:

9:30 AM | Junior Bible Quiz
10:00 AM | English Service
2:00 PM | Spanish Service
5:00 PM | Extraordinary Prayer
7:00 PM | Spanish Service
6:30 PM | Ask Me Anything
6:30 PM | Men's Bible Study

10 AM Service will be live streamed on the Alta Vista Assembly Facebook Page

Don't worry about jumping through a lot of religious hoops.

Just be family with us. In the middle of it all you'll find Jesus.

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Extraordinary Prayer

Each Sunday 5-6 PM we enjoy a strong sense of God’s Presence that is different every week. This is the engine of our church. It’s also where you learn how to pray.

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Servicio español

Pastora Luz dirige una noche de adoración con testimonios de milagros y sanidades. La presencia de Dios se puede sentir y la personas tienen encuentros personales con Dios en una manera muy especial.​Domingo a las 7 PM.


Ask Me Anything

Have a question you've always wanted to ask a Pastor? Ask Pastor Pete Anything, Thursday at 6:30 PM Live on the Alta Vista Assembly Facebook Page.