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Service Times:


9:30 AM | Junior Bible Quiz
10:00 AM | English Service
2:00 PM | Spanish Service
5:00 PM | Extraordinary Prayer
7:00 PM | 
Spanish Service


6:00 PM | A Deeper Dive


6:30 PM | Ask Me Anything


6:30 PM | Men's Bible Study

10 AM Service will be live streamed on the Alta Vista Assembly Facebook Page and the Alta Vista YouTube Channel.

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Sustaining, prevailing, extraordinary prayer. Each Sunday 5-6 PM we enjoy a strong sense of God’s Presence that is different every week. This is the engine of our church. It’s also where you learn how to pray.                                              

Extraordinary Prayer

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Servicio Español

Pastora Luz dirige una noche de adoración con testimonios de milagros y sanidades. La presencia de Dios se puede sentir y la personas tienen encuentros personales con Dios en una manera muy especial.​ Domingo a las 7 PM.


Ask Me Anything

Have a question you've always wanted to ask a Pastor? Ask Pastor Pete Anything, Thursday at 6:30 PM Live on the Alta Vista Assembly Facebook Page or the Alta Vista YouTube Channel. Submit your questions live or click here to submit your questions.


A Second Look

Join us 6:00 PM Tuesdays in the large ground level classroom for an hour long deep dive into the weird parts of the Bible. No side stepping, explaining away or being protected from our Bibles! Our church, any church or no church - all are welcome as long as you're not a kook! 

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