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Church isn’t about building a big organization, turning worship into a production or jumping through religious hoops. It’s about discovering together how to follow Jesus.

Following Jesus is pretty clear from His perspective: it’s making and discipling more Jesus followers. Every Jesus follower needs to be actively showing someone else the ropes. Making followers of Jesus who know how to make followers of Jesus IS following Jesus. It’s the main thing. 

We use a One-Plants-One approach called THRIVE that pairs a learner with a discipler for a friendship journey of several months. It’s how we pass along the power of forgiveness, overcoming temptation, how to pray, how to enter into the Relationship, how to hear and obey God and what it looks like to be a real Jesus follower in the real world. The discipler’s goal is to make an effective follower who can also make a follower of Jesus. This IS following Jesus!

From Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:18, making followers and serving the hurting are the reasons Alta Vista exists.

“All authority has been given to Me!”


If we will use Jesus’ One-Plants-One method to share his message, we can’t miss!

“Teach them everything I have taught you.”

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Disciplers simply share how they pray, read the Word, deal with frustrations and how they forgive and overcome temptation and break habits. It’s an apprenticeship adventure shared by friends.

“I will be with you till the end of the age.”

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Jesus walks along with the disciple and discipler until the job is done.

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